Heathland Wind Energy Project

Partnerships for Renewables is working with the Forestry Commission in Scotland to explore the potential for siting wind turbines in Heathland Forest.

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It can take more than three years to design, consent and construct even the simplest commercial scale wind turbine. .

Partnerships for Renewables and Forestry Commission Scotland are currently investigating the feasibility of siting wind turbines in  Heathland. The current status of this work is indicated by the red arrow on the diagram below.

Throughout the development process we constantly gather information to feed into the layout and design of a project. If at any stage it becomes apparent that a site is not suitable for development, we stop work on the site. Individual project websites will be made available if results of study work suggests that sites appear viable after the initial investigation work and further information is gathered.

Submitted Timeline

Last updated on: 3/7/2016