Partnerships for Renewables Ltd is a for-profit private Limited Company, registered in England and Wales (number 05772184). Our registered office is at the offices of Carbon Trust Enterprises, 4th Floor, Dorset House, 27-45 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9PY, although we work out of shared office space Edinburgh. 


Chief Executive Officer – Simon Vince

Chairman – Tom Delay

Non-Executive Director – Gina V Hall

Non-Executive Director – James Hall-Smith

Non-Executive Director – Mark Wayment

Non-Executive Director – Kenzo King

Non-Executive Director - Morgan McCormick


Ownership and Financing

Partnerships for Renewables is owned by Carbon Trust Enterprises, the InfraRed Environmental Infrastructure Fund (formerly the HSBC Environmental Infrastructure Fund) and OPTrust Private Markets Group. 

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Last updated on: 12/21/2016