West Benhar Wind Energy Project

Partnerships for Renewables is working with the Forestry Commission in Scotland to explore the potential for siting wind turbines in the West Benhar plantation.

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Our work with Forestry Commission Scotland

Partnerships for Renewables (PfR), the Carbon Trust Enterprise business set up in 2007 to work with the public sector to develop, construct and operate renewable energy projects, is currently investigating the potential for wind energy projects on a number of Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) sites.

In October 2009, the Commission split the national forest estate into six separate regions with the intention of appointing commercial partners to help it investigate and deliver wind energy projects. PfR were appointed in early 2010 to cover the Borders and central belt area and have been working with the Commission over the past year to explore a number of sites including West Benhar

A scoping report for West Benhar was submitted to North Lanarkshire Council in November 2012. Public exhibitions were held in Shotts and Harthill in June 2013 which allowed people an opportunity to come along and ask questions to the project team.

The information presented at the public exhibitions can be viewed by opening the files below.

A subsequent planning application was submitted to North Lanarkshire Council at the end of July 2013.






Last updated on: 8/6/2013